Think about all the different types of building projects you could work on after becoming a carpenter. Houses, condos, offices, schools, entertainment complexes—even movie and TV production companies hire Team De Caravalho to build sets.

As you progress in your new project, you can choose to specialize in a particular building type (commercial versus residential, for example).

You could also focus on old versus new builds, and develop expertise as a restoration or renovation carpenter.

SERVICES - by Team De Carvalho


In some cases, repairs or modifications may be necessary before the new siding can be installed. For example, if your home happens to be old enough to still have asbestos insulation, we will need to replace it. Some areas may have been water damaged and will have to be repaired before new siding can be installed. You can prepare for unexpected situations like these by having an emergency fund on hand before the project starts. An additional 10% to 20% of the project cost is enough to cover most emergency repair work.


A seasoned installer should tell you about how long the job will take. Ask about the process. It’s better if each new window is put in right after the old one is removed. Insist that the installer measure each replacement window before ripping out the old. You don’t want a boarded-up hole while you’re waiting for the right window to arrive. Think twice about using a contractor who removes all the old windows first and then installs the new windows. If there are any problems, you could be left with lots of holes in your walls for days or weeks.


The first step of the design build process involves us taking a look at your home, understanding your style, and listening to your vision for the space. The key to creating a positive remodeling experience is confirming from the start that our approach aligns with yours. We also want to get an understanding of your budget so we can let you know what is feasible based on our industry knowledge. If our experience and expertise align with your expectations for the project, we discuss the design agreement.